Woodcracker in action in North America – first reviews

A while ago WESTTECH’s woodcrackers started selling in the USA – a country with wide wooded areas and high requirements concerning the appointed machines. To get to know the areas of application of our customers WESTTECH’s sales manager Kenneth Luker met a few.

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Woodcracker at Paul Bunyan Show 2018

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Woodcracker at Great Lakes Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo 2018

Woodcracker returns to Oshkosh for the 2018 Great Lakes Logging and Heavy Equipment Expo reunites with old friends and customers Read more

Slide contest and Regatta 2018 powered by Westtech

On 13th and 14th July 2018, a legendary and in Austria well known contest took place in Peuerbach, Upper Austria. Brave participants could take part in a slide contest and a regatta with wooden troughs, in single contests or group contests. The winner received great prizes and an impressive trophy. Read more

Woodcracker customer Need a Tree Cut

“My customer is the DOT, and I am so glad that I bought my Woodcracker C450.  It helps out tremendously.  It’s a wonderful, very good machine that has cut out a lot of man hours and hard work.” Read more

Varro Services, Mill Creek, IN

“I was tired of cutting trees by hand.  It’s to dangerous, to slow, and just too much work.
Now I can clear trees in one-fifth the time it used to take me. Read more

Expo Richmond 2018

Woodcracker at the Expo Richmond