Safe tree removal with the Woodcracker® CS750 smart grapple saw

Removing trees in difficult situations requires good safety practises and reliable machinery. Forestry machinery manufacturer Woodcracker® from Austria has developed a lightweight and flexible grapple saw for quick and safe removal of trees from their surroundings: the Woodcracker® CS750 smart.

The Woodcracker® CS series includes grapple saws that attach to a roto-telehandler or excavator, specifically designed for the safe removal of trees. The “smart” version of the series is packed with numerous safety features and a surprisingly low weight of only around 2,000 lbs, which opens up additional attachment possibilities.

Upright tree removal

The Woodcracker® CS750 smart is attached to standard roto-telehandlers without special modifications. The Woodcracker® CS750 smart is equipped with a single very strong gripper. With this the machine holds the cut tree securely and can maneuverer it in an upright position. As a safety feature, the gripper is actively pressurized during cutting so that it can “regrip” if the position of the trunk should slip during cutting.

Cutting system with chainsaw

A hydraulically suspended saw box with a grease-lubricated chainsaw serves as the cutting mechanism. This allows trees with a diameter of up to 30 inches to be cut. In addition, the saw box can be hydraulically tilted downwards by the operator. Thanks to the grease-lubrication there is no oil fogging and therefore no contamination of the driver cabin windscreen. And grease is long-lasting and economical. Another special feature is the automatic chain tensioner, which keeps the chain under tension, no matter how long the machine is in operation.

Comprehensive range of applications for safe felling

The Woodcracker® team of engineers has focused heavily on the development of grapple saws to reduce weight and increase machine efficiency. “But we didn’t want to build a harvester unit,” says CEO Werner Steininger, “there are already enough experts in this segment.” The lightness of the machine and the many safety features are intended solely for use in safely removing trees, for example, to be able to respond quickly in the event of weather emergencies without further endangering ground workers. The grapple saw is also very effective for removing trees in residential areas and along roadsides where care must be taken not to damage surrounding buildings or power lines.

Summarizing should the grip saw Woodcracker® CS750 smart be your choice if you are looking for a machine for safety tree fellings. Maximized safety for the staff, the surrounding and maximized efficiency speaks for itself.