The efficient tree shear for safe harvesting of trees and brush.


Multigrip-controller: equipped as standard.

The Multigrip-controller operates the closing and opening of the gripper and the cutting system. For a safe grip, the gripper closes first, then the cutting system closes.


Synchronously closing, powerful gripper with large opening width.

Lean design to be easily maneuverable.

The speed of the gripper opening is adjustable via throttle valve.


Different mounting options: endlessly rotatable Tiltator or Power-Tiltator.

Plug-and-play-system with ideal mounting angle. Attachable to standard excavators, only four hydraulic connections needed (including all options).


Large cutting volume. Sturdy, high-strength blade, which is impervious to dirt. Patented blade fastening.


Option: Accumulator: Used to work fast in weak wood and to bunch material. The collector can be removed easily via rapid change system to reduce the machine weight when working with strong trees.


Woodcracker® C comes with a large cutting volume to cut thick trunks or harvest several small trees and bunch them in one work step.

Application Areas

  • Conventional harvest of trees and bushes.
  • Harvest of short rotation plantations.
  • In rough terrain, hill areas and bog areas.
  • Maintenance along traffic roads and routes.
  • Large-scale harvest of forest areas.
  • Problematic and dangerous tree felling.
  • Cultivation and landscape maintenance. Bunched and
    organized deposition due to accumulating function.
  • In places, that require to remove the tree in an upright
    position (to protect the surrounding area).

Key Facts

  • Suitable for every standard excavator, only 4 hydraulic
    connections needed (including all options).
  • Proper and simple connection.
  • Replaceable, high-strength blade, easy to sharpen,
  • Additional workload of the carrier vehicle due to the
    treeshear Woodcracker®C.
  • Supporting foot for safe storage and transport.
  • Robust and proven technology – Low-wear and low-service.
  • KTL-primed (cathodic dip-coating) and powder coating.
    Made of high-strength Hardox®steel