The grip saw for gimbal-mounting on a crane.


Safe holding of the tree during cutting through regripping by the gripper.


Automatic chain tensioner.


Made of high-strength Hardox® steel


Highly rugged and durable

Application Areas

  • Different mounting options possible.
  • Suitable for every standard crane, e.g. wood/recycling or loading
    cranes and for excavators, timber trailers, trucks or telehandlers.
  • Tree maintenance actions in urban areas.
  • On a crane for special tree removal and traffic safety work.

Key Facts

  • Designed for gimbal-mounting on a crane, excavator or telescope stage Woodcracker ® T.
  • No self-initiated tilting.
  • Manually lockable tilt function and saw, for usage as gripper.
  • The machine fits on any forestry crane instead of the existing gripper.
  • Manutilt – is the carrier vehicle equipped with more than one hydraulic circuits, the tilt function can be controlled independently from the gripper.
  • Low-service and low-wear due to special cutting system.
  • KTL-primed (cathodic dip-coating) and powder coating.
    Made of high-strength Hardox ® steel.