Woodcracker CS smart

The grapple saw for intelligent attachment to roto-telehandlers or excavators.

The efficient tree shear for harvesting trees and bushes.

The swift and light weighted cutting head for agricultural use.

Application areas

  • Safe removal of trees in several parts
  • Harvest of tree trunks
  • In rough terrain, hill areas and swamplands
  • Maintenance work along traffic roads and routes
  • Felling of dangerous trees
  • Fast processing of tree logs
Key facts

Thanks to its low weight, the Woodcracker CS smart can be easily mounted to roto-telehandlers or excavators. Dangerous trees are felled with ease, e. g. in gardens or in urban areas.

  • Low net weight
  • Saw unit is oscillatingly suspended
  • Cutting diameter up to 22.8 inches
  • Application area: felling due to safety reasons

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Technical data

Telescopic handler-mounted                                                     Excavator-mounted

CS 580 smart Telescopic handlerCS 580 smart Excavator
Cutting diameter (in)22.822.8
Gripper opening (in)50.450.4
Tiltatorendless rotatableendless rotatable
Weight (fully equipped) (lb)1763 – 19841984 – 2204
Recommended pump flow capacity * (gpm)17 – 2917 – 29
Recommended pump flow for optional functions * (gpm)10 – 15
Recommended operating pressure (psi)3335 – 40613335 – 4061
Excavator size ** (t)10-2015-20
Cutting unitactive spring mountedactive spring mounted
Chain lubrication of sawgreasegrease

* Depending on operating mode or equipment. | ** Depending on specifications of the operation vehicle.
Technical modifications and figures are not binding. Subject to changes for reasons of further development.

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