Fell trees in residential areas with the Woodcracker® CS750 Smart

Felling trees in residential areas has proved a challenge for everyone in the industry. The Woodcracker® CS750 Smart grapple saw makes this task possible, ensuring the safety of all workers and local residents as well as preventing any damage to nearby buildings. Equipped with a strong gripper, the grapple saw securely holds the cut material during the cutting process, providing a safe and efficient solution for tree removal in residential areas.

A number of trees had to be removed from a yard in Swampscott, Massachusetts. The trees had grown too large, and their limbs were at risk of breaking off.

This was a significant challenge, as it was crucial that none of the surrounding homes sustained any damage during the work. As the staff at Doug’s Tree Service quickly agreed, this was a job for Merlo’s Roto telehandler, paired with the Woodcracker® CS750 Smart grapple saw.

The flexible telehandler achieves a reach of 98½ feet, allowing it to safely remove the relevant tree. The supports can be individually extended, meaning that the telehandler does not need extensive positioning space.

The grapple saw attachment does the rest. The machine was designed specifically for smart attachment to Roto telehandlers.

The Woodcracker® CS750 Smart has been equipped with a strong gripper that presses down during the cutting procedure, allowing it to hold the cut material securely. This, in turn, ensures that workers and nearby residents are all kept safe.

This grapple saw makes it possible to safely remove sections of trees. It is an excellent fit for specialist tree removal jobs in urban or residential areas.

The Woodcracker® CS750 Smart is equipped with a Tiltator, which makes the machine endlessly rotating and allows it to move up to any and all tree sections and limbs.

But the centerpiece of this machine is its saw box. This is spring-mounted, so it prevents the saw blade bending under force. It also has an automatic chain tensioner that always ensures that the saw chain is correctly fitted, preventing it from jumping off.

The saw chain is lubricated with grease. Unlike oil lubrication, chain lubrication using grease prevents oil misting, which would cause soiling of the driver’s cab (especially the windscreen). In addition, the grease stays on the chain far longer, making it more economical and longer lasting.