The CL family is growing: WOODCRACKER® CL320

The WOODCRACKER® CL product line features light-weighted and swift machines, which have wide-ranging fields of application due to their low weight. Until now, the CL machines are mounted to carrier vehicles from 2.5 to 14 tons and can cut trees and bushes up to 320mm in diameter. Now Westtech introduces a larger size, that opens new possibilities: the new WOODCRACKER® CL320.

The Woodcracker® CL320 cuts weak wood up to 400mm in diameter and hard wood up to 320mm. The basic model of the machine weighs about 590kg only. The low weight and the high cutting performance make a great combination for a wide field of applications. The new machine is mounted to carrier vehicles from 12 to 20 tons net weight.

Like the other product sizes, the new Woodcracker® CL320 comes into action for harvesting smaller trees and bushes, harvesting short-rotation plantations, for cultivation and landscape maintenance and for agricultural use.

The highly resistant machine is made from high-strength Hardox® steel and is easily connected to the carrier vehicle via plug-and-play-system.

The coating of the machine has the same quality standard as used in the automobile industry. The Woodcracker® orange colour is applied with cathodic dip coating. This coating method is characterized by high resilience and durability.

The CL320 is equipped with a high-strength blade, which is easily sharpened and impervious to dirt. The blade can be easily replaced also.

Westtech uses resilient and proven technology in design, for example large sized bearings. Therefore, the machines are low-wear and low-maintenance. The Westtech developers put great emphasis on high quality with high usability.

For an efficient harvest, an accumulator and a cylinder slewing system are optionally available as add-ons.

Contact your Westtech sales person for more information.