Woodcracker® C | the versatile single grip harvester head

Westtech’s treeshear Woodcracker® C gets produced and improved, for ten years by now. The Woodcracker® C’s successful formula is based on the distinctive features of design, which distinguish the machine from other harvester heads.

The Woodcracker® C has a slim design with a big cutting volume: the treeshear can cut up to 60cm diameter. By mounting it to different carrier vehicles, the harvester head can be used not only for conventional harvesting, but also for working in open areas, hillside, next to streets or for safety tree fellings.

Depending on the application area, the harvester head can be equipped with different options. For collecting small trees and cutting them all at once, there is an accumulator available optional. The accumulator can be mounted through quick-change. Therefore, the machine operator can work quickly in weak wood and place the material bundled on the ground. While working with big material the machine operator can dismount the accumulator to reduce weight and to harvest big trees individually.

The Woodcracker® C series is available in four different sizes from 33cm to 60cm cutting diameter and got further developed in three additional forms for special applications:

The Woodcracker® CL for weak wood  and the Woodcracker® CS series for strong wood and safety tree felling.

The felling head Woodcracker® C is very sturdy, thanks to the high build quality. It gets produced out of high-strength Hardox® steel.

Sharp tools simplify the work immensely. That’s why the Woodcracker® C’s blade is so important. The blade in the cutting unit is made out of high-strength steel and is easily resharpable. The blade is impervious to dirt and closes in a self-cleaning counter comb, which conserves the blade, because it always cuts on wood. If the blade has to be renewed, however, it can be easily disassembled and changed. The patented blade fixture is equipped with a strong main bolt with a special safety nut, which makes the cutting unit durable and sturdy.

Mounting the Woodcracker® C is the next big advantage of this treeshear. With only four hydraulic connections at the carrier vehicle, all features including the expandable options are covered.

There are four mounting options available for the treeshear. The simplest method is rigid mounting, e.g. to an excavator, which has a slewing drive. Likewise, there is the possibility of a cylinder slewing system, which can swivel both-sided 48° and which is very low-maintenance. For using the full radius of movement of an endless 360° rotation, the felling head can be equipped with a Tiltator.

To work even faster, the fourth option is a Power Tiltator. This rotating assembly provides more strength by the means of double torque at the same speed. This option is recommended if working under time pressure and pressure to perform, when safety is the highest priority, e.g. when working next to roads.