Clearing technology from WESTTECH

the stump removal shear Woodcracker® R and the clearing rake Woodcracker® G work efficiently – solely or in combination

The stump removal shear Woodcracker® R was designed to harvest and generate biomass from big root stocks. The clearing rake Woodcracker® G extracts smaller rootstocks and root material.

Both Woodcracker® are available in various sizes and easily mounted to common carrier vehicles due to the standardized quick-change system.

Woodcracker® R

The Woodcracker® R is available in two sizes. The R900 has an opening width of 955mm, the R1300 has an opening width of 1300mm. The cutting force is up to 45 tons or else 65 tons, depending on the operating pressure.

The Woodcracker® R was designed for a most possible soil protection when removing stumps. The Woodcracker® R removes the stump from the ground and removes soil residues from the stump. It chips the stump to pieces to reduce the transport volume.

An other possible application is the postcutting of the stumps in recycling companies. Thanks to the postcutting the root gets separated from stones or earth.

The harvest of biomass out of the stumps also comes in very handy.

Woodcracker® G

The clearing rake Woodcracker® G comes in three sizes: G850, G1250 and G1650 with a working width between 850 and 1650mm. Gripper fingers or a fine rake are optionally available for all three sizes. With the gripper fingers, the clearing rake can be used like a wood tong, for example to feed chippers or to load the material for transport. The fingers close individually to grab the pruning material and waste wood firmly.

The shape of the clearing rake resembles a shovel to handle a great amount of material. The easy handling makes it possible to lead the rake like a hand.