Woodcracker® reaches out more and more worldwide – now even in Korea!

The company HSM welcomed their eagerly anticipated grapple saw CS580 smart in the middle of October.

One of the largest employers of HSM is the military of South Korea. The very same gave the order to execute tree fellings in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. Therefore HSM were looking for a very robust, resilient machine for safety tree fellings.

The machine will be attached to a 15 ton special excavator. Thanks to the possibility of removing trees in standing parts, the working environment safety for the staff has increased tremendously without reducing the efficiency. The strong tiltator enables endless rotation to cut branches in all angles. The strong gripper holds the tree parts and prevents the cut material from tipping over.

The chain is grease lubricated, so there is no oil fogging and therefore no contamination of the driver cabin windscreen. Furthermore, grease lubrication lasts longer and is quite economical.

Another great feature referred to the chain is the automatic chain tensioner, which keeps the chain under just the perfect tension, no matter how long the machine is already in operation.