Slide contest and Regatta 2018 powered by Westtech

On 13th and 14th July 2018, a legendary and in Austria well known contest took place in Peuerbach, Upper Austria. Brave participants could take part in a slide contest and a regatta with wooden troughs, in single contests or group contests. The winner received great prizes and an impressive trophy.

For the slide contest, the organizer built an 80 meters long wooden slide and cushioned it with grass and hay to prevent injuries. Afterwards, the slide was covered with the 80 meters long, printed film sponsored by Westtech. The film was flooded with water to give the participants enough momentum to slide down the hill in full speed. The participants of the regatta were equipped with a wooden trough and a piece of wood to use as a paddle.

Traditionally, guests and participants could enjoy a range of food and drinks and stayed until the early morning hours.

If you don’t know this legendary contest yet, you should watch this video:

We want to thank the organizer and all guests for participation and the great event and look forward to the event next year!

More information and photogallery: